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Buyer Services...

As a Buyers Agent, my home-buyer services are FREE of charge to you. My job is not to sell you a home but rather help you find a home that you want to buy.

Assist you in the process of getting pre-qualified or pre-approved for a loan. Having a pre-approved home loan will significantly increase your negotiating strength.

Determine Your Needs
Consult with you to get your exact wants and needs regarding your new home. 

Viewing Homes
Set appointments to visit and tour homes that fit your criteria at a time that is convenient for you. No sales pressure. When you see the home that is right for you, you will know it and I will help you get it. 

Prepare An Offer
Prepare and negotiate an offer and purchase contract in order to assure that you are receiving the best terms possible. As your BUYER AGENT, I will help you to decide on a offer price, amount of earnest money, contingency clauses to protect you, etc. I will present the offer to the seller and negotiate on your behalf.

Schedule Appropriate Inspections
To ensure that the home is structurally sound and that all mechanical systems (HVAC, appliances, etc. are "performing the function for which they were intended".

Explain received copies of inspection reports and other documents pertaining to the condition of the property. 

Keeping you informed at all times during and after the transaction. Remain in constant contact with you, your lender, the listing agent, the title company and all appropriate inspection companies to insure that your home closes escrow and that all aspects of your contract are met.